We know how important your child's education is to you!

And we have the perfect tool to enhance your child's Math and Language Arts activities. Whether your child is struggling to master basic skills, or is advanced and needs additional challenges, or simply would benefit from a bit more practice after school and over the weekends, we have a great solution for you!

At Learnopus, we believe that "practice makes perfect." Our vast question banks and timed tests in Math and Language Arts sharpen fundamental skills and improve problem solving. Our streamlined process supports classroom learning and builds proficiencies by targeting the key areas for your child.

Designed for parents by parents, Learnopus understands that strong Math and Language Arts skills build confident students. Parents can easily monitor student's progress with our user-friendly graphs, charts and custom reports.
Why should you choose Learnopus?

Say Goodbye to Printing!

Learnopus frees parents from the hassle of generating and correcting material. We do it for you! Because all work is done online, students receive immediate feedback. Not only does this save time, but conserving paper also helps all of us to be a little greener.

Save Planet
Tracking Progress

Learnopus features easy-to-read charts and tables to monitor student progress. These visual reports identify strengths and areas where skills are still emerging. Information is always accessible, so there is no guesswork in deciding which skills to target.
Keep Challenging Your Kids

Is your child ahead of the curve? Learnopus does not limit you to a single grade level, so a 1st grader has unrestricted access to 2nd and 3rd grade material. Your kids can punch above their weight class!
Virtually Unlimited Practice Material

Our vast question banks and timed tests let students sharpen fundamental skills and improve their problem solving abilities. With over 600,000 questions for grades 1-3, Learnopus ensures that your student will find new content with every login.
Practice Anywhere, Anytime

With a computer or tablet and Internet access, Learnopus is at student's fingertips! Learnopus works flawlessly with tablets that have at least a 7-inch screen, including the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy.

Risk-Free Trial!

Try Learnopus free for 15 days! No credit card is required for a Trial Account, so there really is no obligation. When the trial period is over, choose the membership option that best suits your needs.

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